New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

NEW! Naughty Hot Shots - Single Title Short Story Books Submissions Call

Naughty Nights Press is pleased to announce our "Naughty Hot Shots" single title shorts.

Stories accepted to this line will be any sub-genre of erotic fiction, no less then 4,500 words and no more then 7,999 words, and will follow the current formatting guidelines, available on the bottom of our submissions call page HERE.

These stories will focus on the spicy, sensual, kinky & titillating sex within. 

The hotter these shorts are, the better.

Give readers a naughty “hot shot” of wicked one-night stands of mind-blowing, unconventional & deviant, down and dirty erotica!

***Preference will be given to stories that contain more then two characters or other diverse or unorthodox sexual situations.***

NNP is aiming to release at least one "Naughty Hot Shots" short story per month so this will be a constant open submissions call.

The NHS short stories will sell for $0.99 through all current & future distributors and will be under agreement for 36 month exclusive worldwide rights.

Royalties are $10 single one time payment per story accepted, plus one personal digital copy.

All submissions should be directed to submissions AT naughtynightspress DOT com with "Hot Shots" as the subject line. 

Due to the extreme popularity of the NHS line, the response time is currently up to 6 weeks.

Cover Art for "Naughty Hot Shots" by Shane Willis, RAD ACT Photography.

Copyright Naughty Nights Press ©2011

Please do not use, copy or modify any images without the written permission of the artist. Thank you.

Copyright ©2009-2012 Naughty Nights Press (NNP

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